Innovative Award Designs - Geometrical Shapes

Published by Brianne Savage - August 24, 2017

Awards and recognition products are often thought of as being traditional, and one might even say, a bit boring... but just as in every other industry, there are artistic minds out there that can create works of art where most people see a piece of scrap metal or a plain old block of wood. 

This article series will showcase the most innovative and inspiring designs in the awards industry today. Because sometimes those who recognize others need to be recognized too!


This custom award made by British design and manufacturer EFX is a perfect example of how you can customize a basic acrylic award. The clean geometrical lines of the acrylic are repeated in gold on the face, along with a mounted gold-plated aluminum hexagon. 

TonyGooley Design Studio took it to the next level with their commissioned trophy design for the Logan Urban Design Awards. Using shapes derived by the citys boundaries, they used a 3D printer to create this modern mixed-material trophy. 

Trophyologys Geometria is another great example of how the simplicity of geometrical shapes can be used to create an award that is both modern and timeless. The collection features painted sections to showcase the awards personalization and each piece has the ability to stand alone or to be combined with others in the collection to represent different levels of recognition.  

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